What is KROCK90Q.BUZZ?

Many years ago Nick Vatterott wanted to make an album that when you put it in your car, it sounded like the most ridiculous FM radio station of all the self glorifying rock stations in the country. Something he could put in and see how long it would take for passengers to say, "Wait, what station is this?" The result was KROCK90Q.BUZZ, A "comedy concept album" that parodies the non stop rock'n world of FM radio complete with songs, commercials and behind the tape deck sound bites that are a window into the world of the FM radio D.J. Of course it wouldn't be FM radio without endless  stingers bragging about how rock 'n roll their station is. 

Nick bounced his idea off of music aficionado Jesse Case (musical director at Second City/music producer on Comedy Central Records) and Jesse worked his sound engineering magic to make KROCK90Q.BUZZ the satirical FM sound explosion it is. 

With supporting cameos from the talented Mark Raterman, Jessica Joy and Dean Evans, KROCK90Q.BUZZ is an absurdist take on the ridiculous world of morning zoos, drives at fives, hot prize give aways, song requests and FM radio egos. 

What station are you listening to? Make it KROCK90Q.BUZZ!


KROCK90Q.BUZZ is available on all your favorite places to purchase and stream music and comedy, and even on a few place you hate! Go to iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, make sure you take it off shuffle, and enjoy the most nonsensical FM radio station in the penta-state area!